Oh hey!

My big face

My big face

Hello! My name is Munah and I like long walks in the wilderness...

I’m an eternal optimist with a dry sense of humour and a tendency to ramble (ha!). I’m also rubbish at introductions.

I was born in Brunei to a British mum and a Bruneian dad and have lived in Brunei, Holland and England. My accent is a little all over the place and can change depending on which friends i’m speaking to - I’m a bit of a third culture kid.

I realise the immense privilege I have in being able to hike the PCT and so I want to tie a charity fundraiser to my trip seeing as i’m going to be talking about it across social media platforms (well..here and instagram and the odd facebook cross-post). I’m also going to be spending a lot of time meeting and conversing with new people and mental health is such an important topic of conversation that I don’t think gets enough screen time.

In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week - Mental health and wellbeing in England: Adult psychiatric morbidity survey 2014.

I too have suffered from anxiety during pockets in my life and i’m sure on the trail I won’t be exempt and will face moments that I will need to take my time over. Promoting mental health awareness was also a big drive of my professional life as a manager - my team’s moods and experiences directly affected my own. Perhaps that is why I feel so burnt out? I guess I’ve got 6 months and 2650 miles to mull that over!

My aims for this blog are:

Click on the image to head over to my fundraising page!

Click on the image to head over to my fundraising page!

  • To keep a written momento of my journey

  • Inspire people to head outside for a walk and say YES to that micro / mini / MASSIVE adventure that’s in the pipeline.

  • To keep mum in the know

  • To give aspiring future PCT hikers the reassurance of if I can do this, you definitely can.

  • Fuel nostalgia for past hikers.

  • To talk as much and as openly as I can about mental health

  • To raise a pound for every mile walked - £2650! For Mind UK.


My buddies

I’m not going solo on this adventure, i’m heading off with some buddies! They are Claire, Matt and Miles. I’ve probably already mentioned them but just in case, here they are:

Claire is super awesome and is raising money for Water Aid, you can support her here.

Honorable mentions:
My bearded beau Eliot and Mum and Dad, who are key features in my support network and I love them to bits!

I hope you enjoy my journey and good luck on yours whatever and wherever that may be!

Munah xxx